Fishing Fury

From 19th May


Bet on selected games between 19th and 29th May.


Climb the prize leaderboard with your winning bets.


Place in the top 280 and earn cash. We have 36 Lakhs for the winners.

Terms and Conditions

  1. "Fishing Fury" leaderboard starts on May 19th and ends on May 29th.
  2. The total prize pool for this leaderboard is 36 Lakhs which will be distributed among 280 winners.
  3. Each winner will receive the prize amount in cash. Cash prizes from the leaderboard will be credited to players' accounts after the leaderboard is over.
  4. To qualify the player must bet on the selected games: Golden Fish Tank 2 Gigabox, Raptor DoubleMax or Nice Catch DoubleMax.
  5. Each player’s score in the leaderboard is based on the highest multiplier win in any spin in the selected games during the tournament period: Win amount *20/bet amount = score.

    Player bet ₹50 on Raptor DoubleMax slot and won ₹95.
    ₹95 (win amount) * 20 = 700. 700/50 (bet amount) = 38 points.
  6. The highest score achieved throughout the campaign period by each player will count for their leaderboard ranking.
  7. If there are two or more equal scores, the player who scored first will have the higher ranking on the leaderboard.
  8. Each player’s leaderboard position will be refreshed every 60 seconds. In the case of delays or to display up-to-date leaderboard positions, players will need to reload the game.
  9. BetBarter reserves the right to make changes to these terms and conditions or cease this promotion at any time.
  10. All BetBarter general T&Cs apply.