Cash Out Terms & Conditions

Claim your winning early and Cash out whenever you see the button.

What is Cash Out?

1. is a real-time bet settlement feature which is offered by Betbarter.

2. puts you in complete control. Whenever the Cash Out button is displayed you can opt to take winnings or cut your losses prior to the end of the event.

3. is available on range of sports and markets.

4. The icon and the current Cash out price will be displayed against eligible bets in Cash Out section of the bet slip on the right hand side and on Profile-Transaction-Game History.

Cash Out – Terms and Conditions of Usage

1. Cash Out is valid on single and multiple bets.

2. Full and Partial Cash Out is offered.

3. Cash Out is valid on pre-match and in-play bets only from 10 minutes before the kick-off of the match and during all the event according to its availability.

4. Pressing the Cash Out button against an eligible unsettled in the “Cash Out” section of bet slip, the system will request a confirmation before to process the settlement of your bet at the Cash Out amount displayed.

NOTE: When Cash Out button is pressed to confirm, the Cash Out can not be reversed.

5. Betbarter reserves the right to decline the Cash Out settlement in the following circumstances :

  • If Cash Out amount has been incorrectly displayed;
  • If the Cash Out amount represents a palpable error in the market;
  • If Betbarter has any reason to believe that Cash Out has been carried out after the outcome of the relevant event was known.

6. Betbarter does not guarantee the availability of Cash Out functionality at all times even when the functionality has been advertised on that particular event/market.

7. Betbarter will not be held responsible of any technical issue related to Cash Out and its functionality. In such circumstances, all bets will stand and waiting for normal settlement.

8. Once processed, all Cash Out details will be showing in Your Profile-Transaction-Game History.

Partial Cash Out

1. Partial Cash Out allows you to take a proportion of your Cash Out offering while leaving the remainder of your stake to be settled upon the final score.

2. You can find your details of your Partial Cash Out within Your Betting History.